Yesterday evening I went to shoot the musical “Rocky Horror Show” at the Rockhal, organised by den Atelier. I had never seen it before (shame, shame), so I’m glad I could go. Here are some pictures. And there is more on the Flickr Album.

Rocky Horror ShowRocky Horror ShowRocky Horror ShowRocky Horror ShowRocky Horror Show

Frank N Furter was played by Rob Fowler.. Can you believe these two pictures are showing the same person?
Rocky Horror Show

And here is a youtube video if you want to see him in action. The musical performance was absolutely stunning. The crowd a little too quiet and reserved, unsurprisingly. The narrator was played by our national rocker Serge Tonnar. I’ve heard mixed reviews about his performance, but I loved that it was in Luxembourgish and his jokes totally made me laugh. Anyways, I would definitely go and see the show again, with these actors (but at another location..).

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